Drinker Biddle’s energy practice has a strong focus on microgrids, with particular experience in development, finance and operations. Our clients include the world’s most advanced operating grid-integrated microgrids, as well as energy and commercial real estate developers building the next generation of microgrids.

Drinker Biddle also works with hosts (owners and tenants) on the development of third-party-financed and operated microgrids. Hosts can enjoy the benefits of a microgrid without upfront capital costs. Our team regularly helps clients form microgrid deal teams and provides full-service legal representation from planning through commissioning.

Complementing our transactional work, we represent clients seeking to reform regulations, tariffs and markets to improve microgrid treatment. For example, we are founders, board members and counsel to the Microgrid Resources Coalition, a consortium of leading owners, operators, developers, suppliers and investors working to advance microgrids as energy resources.

We regularly work with industry leaders, regulators and grid operators to address the power grid’s transformation from a hub-and-spoke configuration to a cellular mesh, emphasizing free market access and recognition of the performance capabilities of microgrids and other advanced grid-edge, distribution level resources.


Sampling of Microgrid Experience:

  • Represented Princeton University in the development and financing of a 30-acre, 5-megawatt on-campus solar project addition to their world-class microgrid.
  • Represented the master developer redeveloping the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. in connection with the third-party development of an electric and thermal microgrid to serve The Parks at Walter Reed.
  • Represented Rutgers University in development and financing of an 8-megawatt solar project as part of their microgrid.
  • Represent L03 Energy/Brooklyn Microgrid on the development of peer-to-peer transaction networks and microgrids.
  • Represent leading master developers and property managers on the development of build-to-suit microgrids for sophisticated tenants.

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