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Jason G. Weiss is an attorney and award-winning law enforcement and cybersecurity professional who served with distinction for over two decades at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He is Counsel in Drinker, Biddle and Reath’s Information Governance and E-Discovery group, where his practice focuses on cybersecurity incident preparedness and response, compliance with CCPA and other information governance laws and requirements, as well as data analytics, investigations, and e-discovery.

Prior to joining Drinker Biddle, he was most recently a Supervisory Special Agent in the FBI Los Angeles Cyber and Forensics branch, where he founded, designed, and lead a nationally-recognized and accredited computer forensics laboratory. With deep expertise in the management of data breaches, computer intrusion, cybercrime, forensic investigation, white collar crime, counterintelligence, and counterterrorism, Jason also provided FBI-wide legal, technical, and management expertise in connection with hundreds of nationally recognized investigations.

In addition to a broad array of cybersecurity and forensics experience, Jason is a noted instructor and speaker, teaching dozens of cybersecurity and forensics courses domestically and internationally to FBI staff, law enforcement agencies, and private sector partners. He has been an instructor at California State University Fullerton since 2008 and is a sought-after speaker at multiple industry events.

As an attorney, Jason has experience in complex business, real estate, and insurance law as well as commercial transactions. He served as legal clerk and intern for the Honorable D. Howell Jensen, U.S. District Court, and at the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office.

Jason is the founding Laboratory Director of the Orange County Regional Computer Forensics, working to make that facility the largest of its kind in the nation, with 17 partner agencies and 30+ full-time laboratory personnel. He also expanded the mobile forensics program into one of the largest and most successful in the country.

Jason holds numerous certifications and memberships in the areas of global information security, computer forensics, laboratory management, and more. He has additional professional training, including 2,500 hours of Specialized Computer Forensics, Cyber, Management, and Laboratory Accreditation classes and instruction.


  • Developed an FBI Cyber Task Force national pilot program to coordinate the sharing of critical cyber threat information among private sector, academia, financial institutions, universities and port authorities. Created platform used to facilitate an unprecedented level of partner information sharing, thus mitigating and neutralizing cyber threats from hackers and hostile foreign adversaries.
  • Successfully recruited numerous private and governmental entities to join Cyber Task Force that lead to a groundbreaking “Cyberhood Watch” investigative squad within the FBI.
  • Developed a highly-secure system for enabling information-sharing between FBI and private sector partners, which now serves as a gold-standard model the FBI.
  • Hand-selected to provide critical computer and cyber forensic support on high-profile cases such as 9/11 (Penttbomb), Amerithrax, the Dorner police shooting, the Danielle Van Damme kidnapping and murder case, the San Bernardino terrorist shooting, and the Bangladesh Holey Bakery ISIS mass murder terrorism case; received commendations and awards for impactful leadership and technical skills throughout these critical investigations.
  • Worked more than 100 cyber investigations by locating and preserving critical digital evidence and serving as liaison with case agents, prosecutors, and U.S. Attorneys to swiftly advance investigations using cyber, forensic, and legal expertise.
  • Created first paperless FBI digital laboratory system, which tracked case management, evidence, and inventory, and allowed access to unclassified data for multiple law enforcement partners, leading to unparalleled laboratory setting, and serving as model for other FBI field offices. This work lead to a nomination for a Director’s Award and Attorney General’s Award.
  • Wrote policies and procedures, employee handbook, manual standards on case management priorities, and work-flow forms, while ensuring consensus from all distinct entities.

  • Created a nationally recognized forensic laboratory and served as the founding Laboratory Director and Task Force Commander. Transformed the local FBI program into a Regional Task Force serving over 200 law enforcement agencies in Southern California.
  • Was the first field Special Agent to receive the highest level of “Senior Computer Forensic Examiner” certification in FBI history.
  • Created FBI-wide policies to maintain forensic evidence, including how to identify, seize, and preserve all forms of digital data while ensuring all Attorney General Guidelines are met, serving as a model for all national FBI forensic programs.
  • Awarded first “perfect” laboratory assessment by independent third-party auditors within FBI Digital Forensic Laboratory System due to impeccable implementation of laboratory Quality Assurance System based on strong auditing knowledge of ISO 17025 metrics.

Teaching and training have been a central element of Jason’s distinguished career in law enforcement, computer forensics, cybersecurity, and as an attorney. As a teacher and instructor, he has both developed and delivered dozens of professional certification and training courses as well as courses at postsecondary and graduate institutions.

Jason’s teaching and training topics include digital evidence and the law; electronic discovery; computer forensics lab design and development, computer forensics lab accreditation; digital evidence identification, seizure and collection; transitive digital evidence; data breach response and intrusion detection. Jason has taught over 50 Cyber and Forensics Courses domestically and internationally (Philippines, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Ghana and Indonesia).

In addition to developing and delivering deep technical and management training to FBI, DOJ, local law enforcement, and partner agencies and private sector partners across the globe, Jason has taught at post-secondary and graduate institutions including: California State University Fullerton, Abrams College, Chapman University, Humphrey’s College and Los Rios Community College where he was qualified as a California POST certified law enforcement instructor.

Jason has also been an FBI Adjunct Instructor since 2002, teaching Digital Evidence Identification, Collection and Seizure to over 1000 FBI Evidence Response Team Members. He was also certified by the FBI to teach in the Cyber Field Instruction Program, Forensic Digital Evidence, Digital Science and Forensics and Digital Evidence Extraction.

  • Certified - SANS Institute - Global Information Security Professional (GISP) (2018)
  • Certified - SANS Institute - Global Certified Forensic Examiner (GCFE) (2016)
  • Certified - FBI CART Program in DOS, Windows and Linux/Command Line OS (1998, 2001)
  • Certified – National White Collar Crime Center (NWC3) – Certified Cyber Crime Examiner (2019)
  • Certified - FBI Cell Phone and Mobile Device Operating Systems Analysis (2013)
  • Certified - FBI Senior Computer Forensic Examiner (2006)
  • Certified - Cellebrite UFED Logical (CCLO) and Physical Analyst (CCPA) Programs (2016)
  • Certified - ISO International Laboratory Assessor – ASCLD/LAB (2009)
  • Certified - Legacy Accreditation Laboratory Inspector, ASCLD/LAB (2007)
  • Certified - IACIS Computer Forensics Examiner and Electronic Evidence Collection Specialist (2001)
  • Certified - Computing Technology Industry Association A+ Program (2001)
  • Completed - SANS Institute - Cyber Risk Management & Assessment Training (2019)
  • Completed - Professional Certificate in Computer Forensics, CSUF (2007-2008)
  • Completed - Professional Certificates in Computer Networks, UCSD (2000)
  • Completed - Professional Certificates in Unix Operating System, UCSD (2001)
  • Additional Professional Training includes over 2,500 hours of Specialized Computer Forensics, Cyber, Management, and Laboratory Accreditation classes and instruction


  • Multiple FBI Incentives Award
  • Nominated for three FBI Director Awards and three US Attorney General Awards by FBI Executive Management
  • Supervisory Quality Step Increase (QSI)
  • FBI CART "Above and Beyond" Award for Outstanding Contribution to the CART program nationwide
  • Judge Pro Tem- San Joaquin County Superior Court


Bar Admissions

  • California


  • Santa Clara University School of Law, J.D., 1992, Associate Editor - Santa Clara Law Review
  • University of California, Los Angeles, B.A., 1989, Honors; Chancellor’s “Marshall Award” for Outstanding School Service and Achievement; Elected USAC Facilities Commissioner


  • American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (ASCLD/LAB)
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBIHQ / CART)
  • International Association of Investigative Specialists (IACIS)
  • FBI Infragard Program