Nicole P. Ribeiro

Donor Services Operations Manager


Nicole P. Ribeiro is the Donor Services Operations Manager in the firm’s New York City office. She has over 10 years of experience in charitable giving and philanthropy. Nicole has vast experience in the management and formation of tax-exempt entities and organizations including domestic and international family foundations to public charities, schools, supporting organizations, museums, hospitals, religious organizations, community trusts and donor advised funds, trade associations, social clubs, and social welfare organizations. She is a member of the Professional Outsourced Philanthropic Solutions (POPS®) Team, which helps nonprofits and other social impact-oriented organizations solve their most critical strategic, administrative and development challenges.


  • Preparation of formation documents in connection with obtaining federal tax exemption.
  • Preparation of state solicitation registrations and applications of authority to conduct business.
  • Preparation of state registration forms for charities working with professional fundraisers and fundraising counsel, including the preparation of interim reports and closing statements.
  • Preparation of registrations in connection with charitable sales promotions.
  • Solicitation of existing donors and new prospects for annual appeal/capital campaigns.
  • Provide program related information that would benefit from a donation.
  • Preparation of grant activity reports.
  • Review and facilitate grant agreements.
  • Preparation of annual budgets and daily reconciliations.
  • Preparation of annual financial returns.
  • Preparation and review of financial audits.



  • Rutgers University - New Brunswick, B.A., 2006