Kurt Morris

Managing Director, Transactional Services Philadelphia
kurt.morris dbr.com
Phone: (215) 988-2895 (215) 988-2895
Fax: (215) 988-2757


Kurt Morris has more than 15 years of administrative experience in law firms. Kurt works with the Executive Management Team of the Firm in implementing the Firm’s Strategic goals and objectives. He has day-to-day interaction with the Firm’s eight Transactional Practice Group Leaders, providing strategic direction, financial analysis, communicating Executive Partner decisions, and assisting with the overall financial and staffing models within each business unit. He oversees a team of six practice management professionals who work closely with their individual practice group leaders, and also with the Practice Management Team, in order to develop a consistent and cohesive approach to the management of each of our practice groups. Kurt also works with the C-Suite administrative executives at the Firm in overseeing and implementing administrative initiatives, support, and ad hoc projects.


Kurt has over 15 years of experience in Law Firm Management, including:

  • Sophisticated understanding of Law Firm Economics and business management
  • Experience in recruiting, training, and retaining top talent within a competitive legal market.
  • Broad range of administrative experiences within a Law Firm setting.



  • University of the Arts, B.F.A., 2000