Partner Laura H. Phillips and associate Qiusi Y. Newcom co-authored an article for Law360 on the FCC’s vote to expand the Truth in Caller ID rules.

On August 1, 2019, the FCC voted to adopt enhanced Truth in Caller ID rules that will subject a broader range of “spoofed” calls to new restrictions, a heftier statutory civil penalty as well as potentially criminal sanctions for willful and knowing violations of these rules. This action takes place within the broader framework of Congress, the FCC and the Federal Trade Commission all grappling with consumer discontent expressed at the rising tide of spoofed calls and text messages.

In the article “FCC's Caller ID Rules Contribute to Spoofed Calls Crackdown,” Phillips and Newcom detail the structure of the more robust caller ID requirements, and offer insight into the effectiveness of these new rules and how they will be enforced by the FCC.

Source: Law360
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