Ilisa Halpern Paul, president of Drinker Biddle’s District Policy Group, and Congressman Dr. Phil Gingrey, a senior advisor at the firm, authored an article for Fierce Healthcare titled “Industry Voices—Why we need to create an Office for Men’s Health.” The article examines how the establishment of the Office of Women’s Health in 1991 was a watershed moment in the nation’s approach to women’s health research, awareness, education, and care, and why the same step should be taken for men.

Ilisa and Phil explain how the lack of attention to men’s health issues has resulted in dire statistics, including the alarming number of men with prostate cancer and diabetes. They detail the need for the Office of Men’s Health, its purpose, and the resources it would utilize to accomplish its goals and objectives. The successful education and awareness campaigns that the Office of Women’s Health has executed are cited as examples of the potential positive impact that creating such an office for men could accomplish. Ilisa and Phil also point out that this is not a partisan issue; it is one that affects all of us.

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Source: Fierce Healthcare
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