Los Angeles partner Mark Terman and associate Sujata Wiese authored a practice note for Practical Law titled “Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreements (CA).” In their note, Mark and Sujata discuss how companies can protect their information—including the use of confidentiality agreements—within commercial transactions under California law.

Mark and Sujata note that “confidential information takes various forms in different businesses and industries and often includes information entrusted to a company by its customers, suppliers, and other parties, subject to contractual use restrictions and nondisclosure obligations.” They address considerations involved in safeguarding a company’s confidential information, as well as substantive provisions and issues common to many commercial confidentiality agreements.

The practice note also discusses privacy and data security laws and regulations; form, structure and key provisions of confidentiality agreements; and safekeeping and security requirements.

Source: Practical Law
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