Chicago partner Dave Sudzus and associate Russ Chibe authored an article, “Trump’s Opioid Announcement May Be Enough to Bring Increased Litigation,” for the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin. In light of President Trump’s declaration of the nation’s opioid epidemic as a “national health emergency,” they examined the administration’s potential influence on public perception and litigation cases involving pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Dave and Russ discussed the administration’s conflicting statements on working with pharmaceutical companies to develop innovative technologies while also stating that the U.S. Department of Justice would “be bringing some very major lawsuits against people and against companies that are hurting our people.” Dave and Russell wrote that such statements concerning pharmaceutical manufacturers could affect pretrial publicity, jury pools and outcomes of litigation. They also noted that the “declaration of a public health care emergency does not itself seem to encourage lawsuits from public entities or attorneys general.”

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Source: Chicago Daily Law Bulletin
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