Partners Paul H. Saint-Antoine and Joanne C. Lewers, along with associates Todd N. Hutchison, Kathryn P. Bullard, and Lucas B. Michelen, authored a Q&A chapter on U.S. private antitrust litigation for the international Practical Law Guide on Private Antitrust Litigation.

The Q&A provides a high-level overview of private antitrust litigation actions, including: the legal basis for bringing an action; parties to an action; limitation periods; forums; standard of proof and liability; costs and timing; pre-trial applications and hearings; alternative dispute resolution; settlement or discontinuance of an action; proceedings at trial; available defenses; available remedies; appeals; and proposed legislative reforms.

The Guide serves as a starting point of practical reference for both clients and practitioners in considering the various merits of commencing, defending or settling antitrust claims in jurisdictions around the world. The chapter contributed by members of Drinker Biddle’s Antitrust Team focuses on the United States. This is the second edition of The Guide and the first to feature a U.S. chapter.

Source: Practical Law Guide
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