Telehealth services will likely play an integral part in improving access to and efficiency of care. However, the reimbursement and regulatory landscape surrounding telehealth services remain murky at best and restrictive at worst.

Julie Allen, Jennifer Breuer and Fatema Zanzi of Drinker Biddle’s Health Care Industry Team answer five questions about the rapid evolution of telehealth and how the government must respond to changing health care demands in The Advisory Board Company’s Law Review Q&A.

  • What are some of the most pressing telehealth-related challenges for providers?
  • What role do telehealth vendors play?
  • Why is the government interested in telehealth?
  • Telehealth services evolve rapidly, but government generally moves slowly. Doesn’t that create a problem?
  • What does the landscape of telehealth look like moving forward?

Click here to read the full interview that was published in The Advisory Board Company’s Daily Briefing on April 27, 2016.