In an article published in Ethical Boardroom titled, “Beyond BYOD: What Lies in the Shadows?”  Washington, D.C. of counsel Jason R. Baron and associate Amy Marcos explain why companies should act now to protect themselves from the threat of emerging shadow IT issues.

“Shadow IT” is a relatively new phenomenon in the workplace and refers to employees using a variety of online applications from their office desktops as well as on mobile devices to conduct work-related communications uncontrolled by traditional IT departments.  

Jason and Amy say that “from an information governance perspective, businesses need to be aware of executives’ use of shadow IT applications and the issues that ‘off the books’ communications raise, when balancing the legitimate need to exert institutional control over data against recognition that in a fast-paced world executives and staff need to efficiently transact business from wherever they may be.”

They outline steps companies can take to mitigate looming shadow IT issues.

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Source: Ethical Boardroom