The Indian Tribal Governments practice published its latest edition of the Tribal Business Journal recently, dedicating the edition to federal tax issues.

The edition includes a three-page Q&A session with Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, which covers Baucus’ decision to retire, the work he’s done on Indian-related legislation and policy development, and current efforts to reform the Internal Revenue Code. The edition also provides an overview of the Senate’s efforts to create a simpler, more efficient tax code and an overview of the House’s efforts, through the Ways and Means Committee, to lower income tax rates, broaden the tax base and address global competitiveness.

A special section is dedicated to Indian Country efforts as they relate to tax reform. The Tribal Business Journal highlighted the three areas of most concern to tribal governments including:

· Issues of tax parity;

· tax extenders; and

· overzealous Internal Revenue Service targeting of tribes and tribal members.

To read the latest copy of the Tribal Business Journal, please click here.



Source: Tribal Business Journal