Washington, D.C., associate Adam Scott Kunz is a co-author of Chapters I and IX of the ABA Section of Antitrust Law’s DOJ Civil Antitrust Practice and Procedure Manual. In thirteen chapters, the manual covers topics ranging from the history of the Division, to the procedures the Division employs when commencing an investigation, to the Division’s role in shaping international antitrust policies. The manual is intended to provide practical guidance to practitioners and companies participating in an investigation or litigation with the Division.

Chapter I, titled “History and Organization of the Antitrust Division,” discusses the creation, purpose, and organization of the Division and its role in antitrust enforcement.  Chapter IX, titled “Consent Decrees,” explains the process and effect of consent decrees into which the Division may enter with investigated parties.

The manual is available for purchase here.

Source: DOJ Civil Antitrust Practice and Procedure Manual