Philadelphia partner Scott Coffina authored an article for the Legal Intelligencer titled, “Let's Have an Open Debate About Privacy.”

Scott argues that the privacy of Americans is eroded daily by the government in the name of law enforcement and national security, as exemplified by invasive Transportation Security Administration procedures and increasing demands for user data from internet and cellphone companies.

Scott notes that “the debate about civil liberties and security that has intensified over the past decade is a delicate one” but emphasizes that “We must not let incremental technological advancements that allow for easier access to even more private information, and legislation-by-regulation slipped into the inscrutable Federal Register, to encroach further on our privacy under our own collective radar.”

He calls for an engaged citizenry to “demand an earnest debate about proposed advancements in surveillance capabilities by the government, noting that fierce opposition to attempts by the government to gain access to private data yields results.

Scott says “the public must remain vigilant and hold the government accountable to justify the next encroachment on our liberty in order to maintain the equilibrium between freedom and security.”

Source: The Legal Intelligencer