The purpose of this newsletter is not just to focus on the current “hot topics” in the world of ERISA litigation. Rather, our goal is also to address cases and legal developments that make a difference to our clients and to how they operate their businesses and their employee benefit plans. Sometimes we write about cases that we handle. Sometimes we write about recently filed or decided cases handled by others. The common thread among the articles is that each has a point that matters to our clients and not just to us as practitioners.

Reading a good litigation newsletter shouldn’t be like passing a traffic accident on the road. As to the accident, you look at it, you’re thankful that it didn’t happen to you, and you don’t give it a second thought. In our ERISA Litigation newsletter, our goal is to present you with “the second thought”— learning from a case how to minimize the risk of having the same litigation filed against your plan.

Source: Client Newsletter
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