Philadelphia partner Scott Coffina authored an article for The Legal Intelligencer titled, “Handicapping the Pennsylvania Voter ID Litigation.”

Scott’s article discusses the challenge presented by a number of Pennsylvania residents and several nonprofit organizations to Pennsylvania's newly enacted voter ID law. The law’s opponents allege that its strict photo identification requirement infringes their fundamental right to vote, which is guaranteed by the Pennsylvania Constitution.

A hearing on the petition to block enforcement of the law is scheduled to begin in Commonwealth Court on July 25.

Scott notes that battles over voter identification laws “create fascinating political and legal theater, with the debate occurring at several different levels.” His article presents both sides of the political and legal arguments and discusses relevant case law pertaining to similar laws in other states.

While the result of the case is hard to predict, Scott says the best outcome “would be one that ensures that only qualified voters can vote, and that all qualified voters have the opportunity to do so.”

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Source: The Legal Intelligencer