Philadelphia partner Scott Coffina wrote an op-ed piece for the May 14, 2012, National Law Journal titled, “Amending the Hatch Act.” 

The article notes that an election year inevitably brings renewed attention to the Hatch Act, the law that limits the political activities of federal and many state and local employees. This attention is further enhanced by recent legislation proposed to amend the statute to address several glaring problems with its enforcement. 

Scott discusses the proposed changes to the Act and their implications for government employees. 

He notes that while the proposed changes are important, the government should also take this opportunity to update the law to address the enormous technological advances in communications and to apply objective criteria to the classification of official-versus-political activities. 

“The purpose of the proposed amendments to the Hatch Act are to spare government employees from some of this law's harshest applications,” he said. 

“This motive is to be applauded, but its execution should be complete, with comprehensive amendments that truly meet that goal.” 

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Source: National Law Journal