Los Angeles partner Fred Reish was quoted in Forbes in an article titled, “Generation X: Time to Reboot.”


The article discusses the challenges facing members of Generation X (those born from 1965 through 1980) in ­recovering from the recent shocks to their net worth. It notes that while GenXers “should have been enjoying strong real income growth, raising kids and trading up to bigger homes. ­Instead many had their careers and lives interrupted.”


The good news is that GenXers “still have decades to recover, particularly if [they] stick to some new post-Great Recession rules,” such as building an emergency fund, taking control of retirement prospects and buying housing for the long haul.


Some may even decide to reinvent their career by transferring to a new industry or employer. Fred, a partner in the firm's Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation Practice Group, provided a word of advice –  find something you’ll be happy doing until at least 70.


“It’s really hard to work that long if it’s not something that you care about,’’ he warned.


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Source: Forbes