This newsletter explores important considerations for companies and some uncommon approaches to protecting your company’s competitive advantage, customers, confidential information and employees from unfair competition and poaching.

Decades of experience and knowledge of the uneven statutory and common law of the 50 states teaches that a company’s defenses to unfair competition must include a coordinated system of protection to be effective. Some states are friendly to efforts to protect competitive advantage, some are unforgiving and some are downright impossible. But whether you are in the best of states or the worst of states, there are some measures that every company should consider keeping in its arsenal to protect its competitive edge.

Our newsletter includes articles on the following topics written by members of the Competitive Advantage, Trade Secret and Computer Fraud and Abuse Team:


    • Top Restrictive Covenant Agreement Considerations for Employers
    • Shoring Up Your Proprietary Safeguards
    • Protecting Your Customer List From Poaching
    • Mid-Term Restrictive Covenants: What is Sufficient Consideration?
    • Hiring Away the Competition
Source: Protecting Your Competitive Edge, Drinker Biddle