Albany partner Matt Amodeo was quoted in Managed Healthcare Executive as part of a special feature titled “2012: State of the Industry.”  He observed a “mix of ripple effects from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.”

It is likely that 2012 will see a rise in enrollment for commercial insurers expected to participate in exchanges, and many enrollees will have complex, neglected medical conditions.

Matt, partner in the Health Law Practice Group, said, however, that premiums might come down overall in the next decade but only if care delivery and payment reforms take hold.

Exchanges will result in more competition to the market and allow consumers to comparison shop; increased transparency will be a welcome change for consumers.

Rates, however, may increase due to a number of factors including an influx of Medicaid recipients, who are high users of medical services.

Despite the pessimism over exchanges, Matt noted a silver lining: “If the reimbursement reform programs work as expected and are expanded, they might bend the cost curve, although not for another 10 to 20 years.”

Source: Managed Healthcare Executive