San Francisco counsel Krista Cosner authored an article for DRI for the Defense titled, “Are You Prepared to Defend Biopharmaceuticals?”


Krista, counsel to the Products Liability & Mass Tort Practice Group, discusses the dramatic changes in defending pharmaceutical product liability cases on the horizon due to the ever-increasing presence of biologic medicines in the marketplace. 


While biopharmaceuticals are well established in biomedicine and have provided therapies for diseases and conditions for which no therapies previously existed, their presence in personal injury lawsuits has been sporadic compared to traditional, chemically based drugs. 


As more and more biopharmaceuticals gain marketing approval, an increase in product liability lawsuits involving them is sure to follow.

Krista explains what biopharmaceuticals are, how they differ from traditional pharmaceuticals, the applicable laws and regulating bodies, and how they will impact your product liability practice. 


The article provides a basic working understanding of these products and introduces an exciting yet challenging new direction for products liability lawyers.



Source: DRI for the Defense