Chicago partner John Dames was interviewed by Law360 on some of the more significant and memorable aspects of his career to date.


John, head of the Products Liability & Mass Tort Practice Group, described the scope and complexity of the most challenging lawsuit he has worked on and his trial preparation routine.


In discussing his trial preparation, John said he conducts a fresh “review [of] the original material and not the digested version shortly before the trial begins” to clarify “nuances of testimony, some sequence of events or some flow in a witness version of the history[.]”


John also recounted his experience with a particularly “smart, quick, thoroughly familiar” trial judge, whose active and exacting manner provided a “valuable reminder for every trial lawyer.”  He also described the characteristics and nuances of fellow litigators he has faced at trial, including one who would “try something new (at least against me) every time.”


When asked about any learning curves early in his career, John noted: "Each trial, each trial day contains a number of surprises which must be digested."


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Source: Law360