Philadelphia associate Meredith Reinhardt has authored an article for In-House Litigator entitled, “JAMS Issues New Optional Expedited Arbitration Procedures.”  Arbitration is promoted as a more efficient, less costly alternative to litigation, however whether or not this is the case has been called into question.  In response, JAMS, The Resolution Experts – one of the main arbitration providers – unveiled optional new procedures that provide parties with the option of electing to proceed with an expedited framework for arbitration with limited depositions, document requests, and e-discovery within a specific fast-tracked time frame for moving a case along from start to finish.


Meredith, an associate in the firm's Commercial Litigation Practice Group, outlines the scope of the new procedures and provides advice to practitioners on deciding whether to include expedited procedures when drafting arbitration agreements.  

Source: In-House Litigator