This is our 14th installation of the 15 “Legends.” Fred Reish was selected as one of the 15 “Legends of the Retirement Industry.” These “Legends” are individuals who have, in the past decade and a half, made a lasting contribution to the nation’s retirement security.

David Swensen has been the Chief Investment Officer of Yale University since 1985. He is responsible for managing and investing the University’s endowment assets and investment funds that total to about $16 billion. Over the last 10 years, David has added more than $16 billion to Yale’s coffers. As commented by PLANSPONSOR magazine:

“His success at generating returns at the $22.5 billion fund-an annual 17.8% over the last decade—sets him apart from his peers and, on it’s own, merits his inclusion as one of the PLANSPONSOR’s 15 Legends.”

Congratulations to David Swensen for having invented what has become known as “The Yale Model” which is an application of Modern Portfolio Theory.
Source: The Report to Plan Sponsor