Washington, D.C., partner Paul Moorehead authored an article for The Daily Caller on the “Indian Energy Promotion and Parity Act of 2010” – draft legislation by Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-N.D.) that would encourage Indian Tribes to develop their renewable and traditional energy resources including solar, wind and geothermal, as well as vast gas, coal and oil resources on tribal lands. A plethora of outdated restrictions and regulations have prevented Indian tribes from harnessing the untapped resources on their lands, including the imposition of a $6,500 per application fee now required for permits to drill on Indian land – fees that discourage energy exploration and that are not required on state or private land. Sen. Dorgan’s bill would prohibit this fee and more generally, provide reforms that bring Indian land leasing statutes into the millennium, according to Paul, the head of the Indian Tribal Governments Team.

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