This is our 9th installation of the 15 “Legends.” In our future newsletters and bulletins, we will be featuring the other Legends that were selected by PLANSPONSOR. Fred Reish was selected as one of the 15 “Legends of the Retirement Industry.” These “Legends” are individuals who have, in the past decade and a half, made a lasting contribution to the nation’s retirement security.

Asset management has changed in the last 15 years; possibly, the most dramatic change of all has been on quantitative thinking on the investment process. Quantitative thinking is behind virtually every successful asset management strategy today.

Academics like Bill Sharpe and Harry Markovitz rightfully deserves the credit of these views, but a handful of asset management executives like Tom Leob, Co-founder and Chairman of Mellon Capital, Nick Lopardo at SSgA and Patricia Dunn at BGI, translated these views into investment products.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Loeb “led Wells Fargo’s pioneering efforts in index fund management, tactical asset allocation, and enhanced equity strategies. He also introduced equity trading strategies that have been widely adopted in the investment management and brokerage communities.”

Congratulations to Tom Loeb and a handful of his colleagues at Wells Fargo for “first testing the logic” and contributing to today’s defined contribution industry.

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