This is our 7th installation of the 15 “Legends.” In our future newsletters and bulletins, we will be featuring the other Legends that were selected by PLANSPONSOR. Fred Reish was selected as one of the 15 “Legends of the Retirement Industry.” These “Legends” are individuals who have, in the past decade and a half, made a lasting contribution to the nation’s retirement security.

During a time where there were no officials in either party who demonstrated interest in pension policy, two congressmen from opposing parties managed to forge a consensus in Congress that produced an intelligent and proactive pensions reform.

Rob Portman, then a Republican Congressman of Ohio, and Ben Cardin, a Maryland Democrat, played a significant role in virtually every piece of pension legislation.

Congratulations to Cardin and Portman, through “their leadership; their willingness to first understand, and then craft practical solutions; and their commitment to setting party difference aside, not only provided an extraordinary example of how government can work but, in the process, have made inestimable contribution to the retirement security of the nation.”

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