Drinker Biddle counsel Jason G. Weiss was one of four featured panelists for the March 2019 California LawyerCybersecurity Roundtable.” The publication notes that “cybersecurity practice is evolving rapidly to keep up with an increasingly sophisticated cyber threat environment.”

“The risks of cybercrime are growing,” Weiss said, kicking off the discussion and taking part in his former role as a Supervisory Special Agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Los Angeles Cyber and Forensics branch, where he founded, designed, and led a nationally-recognized and accredited computer forensics laboratory.

Asked about the most common threats, he said that “obviously, the oldies and goodies are social engineering techniques that have been used for years, such as phishing and whaling. The problem is many people set up technology, but they don’t understand how to operate the technology’s security features—how to turn them on or how to configure them. So our job is to work with the community and inform them of what the risks are. We want to work with corporations; we want to work with lawyers; we want to work with anyone who will allow us to be a partner in trying to secure people’s cyber information.

The roundtable also touched on challenges for businesses large and small in navigating the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 and its array of compliance requirements.

Source: California Lawyer
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