Los Angeles partner Kate Gold was quoted in an article on the SHRM website titled “When Employees Leave: Conduct Comprehensive Exit Interviews.” The article discussed some of the benefits of conducting a meaningful exit interview with departing employees.

Kate noted that the exit interview allows the employer to "explore, to the extent the departing employee is willing to share, the reasons for the employee's departure." Kate said that hopefully, the employee hasn't waited until the exit interview to report inappropriate workplace conduct or a problem with a manager. But even if this is the first time he or she has voiced concerns, it may give the employer the opportunity to resolve things with the departing worker or to address the issues that were raised so that other employees don't have the same problems.

Kate also suggested that HR or a designated representative conduct one-on-one interviews, because employees may be less candid with their supervisor present. She provided several tips for the interviewer, noting that they should explain that the purpose of the interview is to help the company improve its processes and retain its valuable employees.

Read “When Employees Leave: Conduct Comprehensive Exit Interviews.”

Source: SHRM
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