Los Angeles partners Sheldon Eisenberg and Erin McCracken’s recent high-profile work for Peg Yorkin, the ex-wife of Hollywood producer Bud Yorkin, was mentioned in a Hollywood Reporter article titled “Movie Sequels Can Get Complicated When the Producer Has Been Married Multiple Times.” Bud Yorkin was the co-executive producer of the original Blade Runner movie, which came out in 1982. At the time, Bud was married to Peg Yorkin, but they divorced in 1986. As part of the divorce settlement, Peg retained a 50 percent share of Bud’s interest in Blade Runner- which included any future film sequels.

Bud remarried in 1989 to Cynthia Yorkin. Many years later, Bud and Cynthia entered into a deal to become co-producers for the recently released Blade Runner 2049. That deal modified Peg’s rights to the sequel, but gave her a percentage of any “non-customary” producers’ fee to protect her against a disguised rights payment. When Cynthia failed to share her $2 million producing fee with Peg, Peg then sought an arbitration award for breach of contract. A panel of three arbitrators at the American Arbitration Association awarded Peg’s trust $300,000 in damages, declaratory relief with respect to Peg’s entitlement to payments in connection with all further sequels, and all of her attorneys’ fees and costs exceeding $550,000. Sheldon and Erin have since filed a petition to confirm this award in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Source: Hollywood Reporter
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