San Francisco partner Cheryl Orr was quoted in a Human Resource Executive Online article titled “Getting Under Employees' Skin.” The article discusses a Wisconsin company that is implanting microchips in its employees’ fingers.

The microchips—which have been approved by the Federal Drug Administration—are implanted between the thumb and finger and can be used to purchase food from kiosks in the company break room and to access secured areas. Additionally, the microchips will soon be able to log employees into their computers and password-protected sites.

Since the technology is new, there are currently not many laws governing its use. As use of the technology grows, Cheryl noted that the chips could become a privacy issue, and foresees employee claims that they were pressured into having the chips implanted.

“On the front end, you need to think through what types of data you'll be collecting, have a clear understanding of what will be done with that data and, just as important, how that data will be stored and safeguarded," Cheryl said. "If your safeguards aren't good and information is somehow misused or hacked, that's a potential problem."

Cheryl also states that using microchipped bracelets or rings might make more sense and provide a happy medium.

Read “Getting Under Employees' Skin.”

Source: Human Resource Executive Online
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