Chicago partner James Lundy is quoted in a CNN Money article titled “Shkreli just kept talking during fraud trial.

Martin Shkreli, former CEO of pharmaceutical company Turing and notorious for hiking up the price of a life-saving AIDS drug by more than 5,000 percent, currently stands trial on eight counts of fraud. These include securities fraud and wire fraud stemming from alleged mismanagement of money at his investment funds Elea Capital, MSMB Capital and MSMB Healthcare, and also doing so during his tenure as CEO of Retrophin.

Despite requests from his lawyers, and a request for a gag order from prosecutors, Shkreli continues to engage with reporters and on social media. Jim discusses Shkreli’s outspokenness, noting that “it's typically not a good strategy to anger [the judge] during a criminal trial, and Shkreli is clearly at great risk of doing that. If he's found guilty, the judge is the one who hands down the sentence.”

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Source: CNN Money
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