Los Angeles partner JR Lanis was interviewed on Starcom Radio Network’s "Ed Tyll Show" on April 24, 2017, regarding Verizon’s acquisition of Yahoo. Verizon plans to acquire Yahoo for $4.87 billion in a transaction expected to close this quarter. JR discussed the reasons behind the transaction and how it impacts consumers, as well as how the deal is reflective of current telecommunications and media industry trends.

Commenting on the significance of the deal, JR said:

“First, it’s a multi-billion dollar transaction between companies that are household names. Second, it’s reflective of the continued consolidation of the technology and media spaces, where it has become increasingly difficult to compete unless you’re one of the biggest players. Finally, it marks the end of an era, as Yahoo was one of the first user-friendly companies to emerge from the ‘90s dot-com boom.”

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Source: Ed Tyll Show