Washington, D.C. Communications partner Laura Phillips was quoted in a Law360 article titled “Net Neutrality Rollback May Require FCC First Move.” The article explains that lawmakers may look to newly installed FCC Chairman Ajit Pai for initial action on any plan to roll back the FCC’s Obama-era net neutrality rules as deliberations among GOP leaders continue on the best path forward.

While Chairman Pai has not yet revealed his broad strategy, experts predict he will apply a deliberate approach to any plan of reversal given his experience as both a Hill and FCC insider, including his time in the FCC’s general counsel’s office.

“I have no doubt that there’s lots of calculations and micro-calculations going on about who’s going to pressure who to get what concession or to get the ball rolling,” said Laura.

She also noted a possible curveball for predicting how far and how fast net neutrality change could be coming in the still pending request for rehearing en banc before the D.C. Circuit Court. Most believe that rehearing won't be granted, but if the court agrees to rehear the case, that could change the calculus, Laura said. “Most people do not think anything’s going to change with the en banc rehearing, but you know we’ll have to see. Stranger things have happened.”

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Source: Law360