Cheryl Orr’s webinar, “Trends and Changes in Paid Sick Leave for 2017,” was the feature of a Bloomberg BNA article, “States and Cities Adopt a ‘Healthy’ Number of Paid Sick Leave Laws.” The January 31 webinar outlined newly enacted paid sick leave laws and highlighted best practices for ensuring compliance. Senior attorney Jaime Walter and associate Alexa Miller also assisted with the presentation.

Several states have enacted paid sick leave laws and more are likely to be enacted in additional states this year. Cheryl noted that such laws vary greatly between jurisdictions, creating confusion for employers who have employees working in multiple cities, or in a city subject to both state and local paid sick leave requirements.

“While there are many similarities among these paid sick leave laws, the numerous differences between them make it critical for employers to familiarize themselves with each individual law,” Cheryl said. “When you have offices or company locations in various jurisdictions, you need to look at the interplay of the municipality, the county and the state laws.”

Cheryl stated that employers who are subject to different requirement for state and local laws should follow the stricter standard or the law most beneficial to the employee. She also discussed federal paid sick leave and federal contractors. The DOL’s final rule, implemented January 1, orders employers who work with, or as federal contractors, to provide their employees with up to seven days of paid sick leave per year. Cheryl noted that while the fate of the regulations is uncertain under Trump’s administration, compliance with them is advisable.

She advises employers review their sick leave policies frequently, especially those with employees in more than one locality.

Read “States and Cities Adopt a ‘Healthy’ Number of Paid Sick Leave Laws.”

Source: Bloomberg BNA
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