Washington, D.C. partner Jeff Ganiban was quoted in a recent HCPro article titled, “Care quality and an effective EHR.” The article poses a series of questions related to electronic health records (EHR) and their implementation.

Jeff noted that one of the biggest problems with EHRs is that “they weren’t inadequately tested before going live.” Jeff explained that the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology only requires that EHR be tested after its design process is complete. The decision to run additional tests while the EHR is being designed (formative testing) and after it’s been installed (post-implementation testing) is left to the discretion of vendors and facilities.

“It falls upon the vendor to oftentimes be more assertive in advising the client when they believe [the client is] not ready to go live,” he said. “It really falls on both parties to do it but, I’ve seen situations where the system shouldn’t have gone live and the vendor should have been more assertive in advising the hospital that they have not been doing adequate testing. Or that the testing that they have done indicates that they really should not go live.”

Read “Care Quality and an Effective EHR.”

Source: HCPro
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