Chicago partner James G. Lundy was quoted in an article titled, “DRW's Wilson faces industry ban in CFTC showdown,” published in Crain’s Chicago Business on December 5, 2016. Those in the commodities trading industry are keeping a close eye on the civil trial of one of Chicago’s most prominent and successful traders in a suit brought by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). The agency alleged Don Wilson and his DRW Investments (a unit of DRW holdings) engaged in market manipulation, an allegation Wilson denies.

The Crain’s article examines the basis of this high-profile suit, the CFTC’s likelihood of succeeding, and what it may mean for the industry. Jim notes that, “No matter the outcome this is ultimately going to be decided by the Second Circuit,” and that in this matter, “The stakes are very high on both sides.”

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Source: Crain's Chicago Business