Washington, D.C. partner Peter A. Blenkinsop and counsel Katherine E. Armstrong were quoted in a Law360 article titled, “Trump’s Security Focus to Hamper Corporate Privacy Efforts” in which they discuss how President-Elect Donald Trump may handle cybersecurity issues once in office. The article explains that with recent headlines dominated by cyberattacks, this issue will require a response and leadership within the first 100 days of the new administration.

Peter and Katherine point out that Mr. Trump voiced the need for increased cybersecurity in the United States throughout his campaign due to foreign powers, particularly China. "It would not be surprising, therefore, to find that Mr. Trump believes that stronger cybersecurity protections are needed to safeguard trade secrets of U.S. businesses from foreign hackers," they said. They added, however, that "what this might entail is anyone’s guess, as many of Mr. Trump’s positions are rather short on substance."

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Source: Law360