At the 60th Anniversary of the Monte Carlo Rendezvous de Septembre, Michael Halsband, a member of the Insurance Transactional and Regulatory team, participated in a Virtual Roundtable sponsored by The Insurance Insider and captured in in an article titled, “Big Question: Alternative Capital.” In the article, he remarks on alternative capital’s strong presence in the property catastrophe space and the potential future impact and areas of growth for alternative capital in the sector.

Michael said, “Shorter and medium-tail legacy casualty portfolios, if sufficiently seasoned, are more likely to be the next evolutionary step [in the development of ILS], so long as perceived portfolio certainty outweighs any potentially correlated market volatility.”

“Perhaps equally promising are other short-tail, homogenous personal lines – think auto – highly capable of being modelled, and for which extensive underwriting data has long been available,” he continued.

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