In an interview at the 60th Anniversary of the Monte Carlo Rendezvous de Septembre, Michael Halsband, a member of the Insurance Transactional and Regulatory team, was quoted in an Intelligent Insurer article titled, “Insurance technology will disrupt the value chain.” The article discussed technology and its potential to have an impact on the insurance industry and interject itself into the insurance value chain.

Michael said, “I think it is very exciting to see where it’s all heading whether it’s predictive modelling or the interface of your social media footprint dictating what you’re more likely to buy. It’s intriguing to see whether and how far it might compress the value chain.”

“When the traditional insurance and reinsurance world fully embraces such technology they can start to challenge their expenses, improve their underwriting ratios and offset the diminished return on investments they are currently receiving,” he continued.

Halsband also discussed the topic of insurance-linked securities markets.

Source: Intelligent Insurer
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