David Maxey, formerly a partner resident in the firm's Philadelphia office, has continued to pursue in retirement his calling as a historian. In addition to the many journal articles he has authored over the years, he has published three works for the American Philosophical Society (APS), founded by Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia "for the promotion of useful knowledge."

The first volume (published in 2006) is a study of an enigmatic late eighteenth-century portrait and its subject, Elizabeth Willing Powel. The second work (2011) is an in-depth investigation of a treason trial conducted in 1778 that resulted in the death by hanging of John Roberts, a Quaker miller.

David's most recent work, titled, "Citizenship and the American Revolution: A Resolute Tory's Abiding Status," explores the pathway to citizenship at the time of the American Revolution and during the early national period. In this book, David provides an informed historical perspective on an early U.S. Supreme Court case and the parties, lawyers, and judges engaged in that proceeding. The book has been published by the APS as part of its ongoing Transactions series and will be available for purchase in the coming weeks.

David Maxey joined the firm in 1959 and was a member of our Real Estate Practice Group. He remained with the firm until his retirement in 2002.