Chicago partner Ken Dort was recently quoted in a Bloomberg BNA article titled, “U.S.-Bound Data from EU May Need Reroute Post-Brexit.” The article discusses the uncertainty of the U.K.’s future relationship with the EU and how the Brexit will impact cross-border data transfers.

Among many other issues, the article noted that the U.K. needs to decide what kind of data protection laws will be put in place after its exit and how it will form its relationship with the EU to continue to receive and transfer personal data.

Ken stated that like with most compliance work, particular in the current context, “the earlier you know what the requirements will be, the more time you’ll be able to transition to a new regime.”

Given the uncertainty of the current situation, Ken noted that “companies shouldn't leave themselves with only one option for data transfers,” and should “think about implementing EU-U.S. Privacy Shield protocols at the same time so you can give yourself the best of two options over the medium to long term.”

Read: “U.S.-Bound Data from EU May Need Reroute Post-Brexit”
Source: Bloomberg BNA
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