Los Angeles partner Kate Gold was quoted in a Hollywood Reporter article titled, “Meet Netflix's "Juicers": People Who Get Paid to Watch TV.”

The article discusses “Project Beetlejuice”—a secretive program at Netflix that pays individuals to watch movies and TV shows. These individuals, known as “juicers,” help users decide what they want to watch by selecting the best still images for Netflix to use. Though the juicers are paid as independent contractors, the company is now being sued for overtime, paid vacation and holidays, health insurance and a 401(k) plan.

There are two putative class action lawsuits by former juicers currently pending in L.A. Superior Court; both claim that they were misclassified as contractors instead of employees. Kate notes that this suit was foreseeable as the definition of an employment relationship has become blurred.

“There is a perfect storm of events, which includes the proliferation of 'gig economy' jobs and the advent of legislation with strict penalties for misclassification,” Kate said. “The employment laws have not kept pace with the new realities of the labor economy.”

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Source: Hollywood Reporter
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