New York partner Andrew Grumet was quoted in a MarketWatch article titled, “Americans are now more generous than ever.” The article discussed the results of a report released by the Giving USA Foundation, which conducts research and education on philanthropy. The report revealed that total charitable donations — from individuals, estates, foundations and corporations — rose around 4 percent to $373.25 billion in 2015, which is “record-setting whether measured in current or inflation-adjusted dollars.”

“In recent years, two factors seem to be driving this trend,” said Andrew. “The continued economic recovery, and the fact that things like personal income, personal disposable income and consumption are trending upwards, the report authors conclude. Plus, compared with older generations, boomers and millennials in particular tend to be more engaged — asking more questions about the charities and wanting to be more involved with organizations’ activities, for example — with the philanthropies that they do give to. This leads them to often give more money.”

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Source: MarketWatch