New York partner Andrea Best was quoted in an article by Reactions titled, “Drones, Cyber War, Driverless Cars Emerging Risks.” The article discusses future insurance opportunities and risks, particularly around unmanned aerial systems (UAS), cyber risks, autonomous vehicles, and ride and car share schemes.

Andrea commented on the growing trend for autonomous vehicles, and the opportunities and risks associated with them. Andrea said that, “by 2040, 75% of vehicles in US will be capable of driving autonomously, she noted, citing the US Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers” which will result in a 90% reduction in accident rates according to tests by Google. Andrea noted that there is a considerable risk of drivers becoming un-insured because of exclusions in their policies, with knock on potential to develop new policies taking the trend into account.

Reactions spoke to Andrea at a US-focused event in London hosted by Drinker Biddle.

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Source: Reactions