Washington, D.C., Intellectual Property associate Phil Cardinale has been elected Secretary of The Counsellors, a legal networking group that has met monthly at Washington DC’s Army-Navy Club since 1946 as a forum for lawyers and judges to have lunch socially.  Membership is selective and restricted to lawyers who have more than five years’ experience and go through a nominations process. 

A founding principle of the organization is to “foster collegiality and education and to bring lawyers and judges together to eat, drink and step away from the workday stresses in the everyday practice of law.”  Counsellors speakers typically include high-profile figures in journalism, politics, law and government.  Past speakers in recent years have included the late Justice Antonin Scalia and numerous Mayors of Washington, DC.  Pursuant to Counsellors' Board actions, Officers in the organization are elevated annually in a rotation, and Phil is scheduled to be the organization’s President in two years.