Washington, D.C. partner Rob McCann was quoted in a Modern Healthcare article titled, “Court-ordered breakup is still hard to do.” The article discussed the dismantling of St. Luke’s Health System’s acquisition of a large physician group five months after an appeals court ordered it to divest. The court concluded that the acquisition of Saltzer Medical Group violated antitrust laws.

St. Luke's argued in court documents that it needed a master “because what may have seemed like a simple, straightforward process at the time that divestiture was ordered, has proven not to be so.”

The judge, however, disagreed with St. Luke's, using the system's own words during the merger at the outset of the case against it.

A lawyer for St. Luke's assured the judge during a 2012 hearing that “it would be quite possible to unscramble this egg” if it was found to be unlawful.

Rob commented on how important it is for an organization to watch what it says in antitrust reviews. You can say something strategically beneficial to you in one circumstance and then it can come back to bite you when circumstances change,” he said.

He described the case as “educational to the industry.”

Read Rob’s comments on the St. Luke’s Health System antitrust case.

Source: Modern Healthcare