Washington, D.C. partner Jesse A. Witten was quoted in three articles following the King v. Burwell oral arguments.

In the article, “Kennedy Offers an Escape Hatch for Government in Obamacare Case,” in Forbes, and in the article, “Key Justices Hard to Read In King v. Burwell Arguments,” in Modern Healthcare, Jesse discussed the possible significance of remarks by Justice Anthony Kennedy during the argument. 

In an additional article in Modern Healthcare, “Premium subsidies case could end federal Medicaid funding in many states,”  Jesse discussed one of the implications of a loss by the Government – that certain state rollbacks in Medicaid eligibility since 2010 would be invalid.  “If the government loses and Congress does not revise the ACA, HHS might tell the states that they have to return to their former eligibility rules or lose future federal funding for their Medicaid programs,” said Jesse. 

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