Philadelphia partner Jerry Goodman was quoted in an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer titled, “Supporters put together high school expansion plan for Roman.”

The article discussed how a group of local business people and professionals have worked together to assist the school in acquiring properties for a proposed expansion of the at all-boys Roman Catholic High School so it can grow beyond its 124-year-old Gothic home at Broad and Vine Streets. The proposed expansion includes a multi-phase project to provide additional classrooms, a new gym and sports facility, new arts center and additional parking. 

Roman's backers have worked to raise funds to acquire an adjoining parcel in a land swap transaction with an adjacent property owner, the Sunday Breakfast Association which is a homeless-services program. Owning this parcel will allow the school to build new facilities that will connect directly to the existing school building. In addition, the school’s board of advisors also assisted the school in its acquisition of a large property on Wood Street about a block from the main school building.  It is anticipated that the Wood Street property will be used to house the new fine arts center and provide additional parking for the school.

The swap was “small but complicated,” said Jerry, who is a member of Roman's advisory board and performed the legal work pro bono. When the Wood Street property came on the market, the Roman supporters “decided to jump on it,” since the school “is bursting at the seams” and needs the space, he added.

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