Washington, D.C. partner Howard Liberman was quoted in a TV Technology article titled, “‘FCC's Spectrum Price List Has Many Licensees Doing the Math.”

The article discussed how broadcasters are looking at their balance sheets, now that the FCC has issued its “price list” for the “maximum” and “median” values to be paid for stations that relinquish their licenses in the incentive spectrum auction. In many cases, the proposed sums are substantially higher than expected, especially if signals pose interference problems to nearby larger markets.

The article notes that the potential generosity of the FCC price list is forcing many stations to re-evaluate their auction strategies but, according to Howard, “a big unknown is the religious stations.”

Howard pointed out that these stations “have been quiet” about their auction plans, but he wondered, “Why wouldn’t they sell and use the money for their missions?” Howard also expects that the auction may trigger more “sidecar” deals in which a local station may buy another channel in the market.

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